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Technical Content

Rebecca Bolton, Rob Crossley, Alex Fowler (CGG) ; Ulrich Schwarz-Schampera, Lucy Njue (ISA) | February

This whitepaper summarizes the marine geothermal system and co-production opportunities, an overview of where geothermal can be deployed, best practices for responsible development of offshore geothermal, and growth opportunities that offshore geothermal can bring to developing nations.

Industry Article
First Break | Edward Jarvis, Haoyi Wang, Jonathan Dietz, Thomas Van Der Looven ©2024 EAGE | February

This article discusses how machine learning and artificial intelligence methods can screen a large corpus of unstructured documents, locating and analysing core and thin section images for the purposes of porosity quantification, assignment of core and thin section scale sedimentary facies and the detection ...

Industry Article
GeoExpro | Roberto Juncken, Bruna Lyra, Mariano Gatti, Abraham Rodriguez ©2023 GEO EXPRO PUBLISHING AS | December

An increasing number of discoveries with high CO2 content offshore Brazil highlight a new exploration risk for the pre-salt play. New seismic data is fundamental to understanding deep geological features to address this risk. CGG’s Nebula-C data set provides images down to 20 km ...

Technical Abstract
EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers | Jian Cai, Yong Xia Liu, Raphael Tan, Peipei Deng, Min Wang, Yi Xie, Barry Hung (CGG) ; Min Ouyang, Dun Deng (CNOOC) ©2023 EAGE | December

Yinggehai basin is one of the most important basins of the South China Sea for its mega gas reservoirs and exploration potential. Vintage seismic data generally suffers severely from complex structures, including diapir formed by thermal fluids, strong shallow gas fields, and complex faulting ...

Technical Abstract
EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers | Min Wang, Yi Xie, Peipei Deng, Yitao Chen, Jian Cai, Xiang (roger) Li ©2023 EAGE | December

Dynamic Resolution Time-Lag FWI (DR-TLFWI) aims to use both diving waves and reflections for velocity update with optimized low- and high-wavenumber components from shallow to deep section. The proposed method builds contrast into the velocity model, enabling the simulation of reflections. The iterative velocity ...

Technical Abstract
EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers | Alessandro Pintus, Hichem Ayadi, Nicolas Salaun ©2023 EAGE | December

Superimposed reservoirs are common in oil and gas production, but they are challenging to monitor with time-lapse seismic imaging. A common seismic attribute used for assessing reservoir evolution during production is the time-shift measurement which is obtained comparing two 3D seismic images. In the ...

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