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Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Zhen Wang, Meisen Mei, Zhuocheng Yang (CGG) ; Joakim Blanch, Ezequiel Genova, Juan-Mauricio Florez-Nino, Humberto Salazar-Soto, Alfredo Vazquez-Cantu (PEMEX) ©2022 SEG | August

The Trion field in the western Gulf of Mexico (GoM) exhibits folded sediment beddings and strong attenuation bodies, which pose great challenges for seismic imaging. After a decade of processing effort employing the latest imaging technology, the available towed-streamer data for this area hit ...

Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Bleddyn Davies, Thibault Le Canu, Michael Harrison (CGG) ; Ghada Almoulani, Suresh Thampi (Tatweer Petroleum) ©2022 SEG | August

Targeting of stratigraphic traps is rapidly becoming a successful exploration strategy, especially in relatively mature basins where a high proportion of structural traps have been tested. The development of robust geological and trap models, integrated with the results of seismic inversion, are key steps ...

Technical Abstract
EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers | Thibaut Allemand, Anna Sedova, Gilles Lambare, Patrice Guillaume (CGG) ; Damien Grenié (previously in CGG) ©2020 EAGE | August

An incorrect anisotropy in the Full Wave Inversion (FWI) velocity model leads to imperfect Common Image Gather (CIG) flatness. The main difficulty in the anisotropy estimation through FWI is the strong coupling with velocity. While FWI jointly updating velocity and anisotropy has been proposed ...

Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Anna Sedova, Olivier Leblanc, Thibaut ALLEMAND, Gilles Lambare, Stephane Pellerin, Daniela Donno ©2022 SEG | August

Seismic imaging is particularly challenging in the Middle East. The shallow geology is often characterized by strong velocity contrasts from layered sands and carbonates that create multiples and mode conversions. Capturing these velocity variations is essential for accurate imaging. While re-cent developments in full-waveform ...

Industry Article
GeoConnexion | David Viner, Alasdair Smith, David Gold ©2022 GeoConnexion | August

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just concluded its Sixth Assessment Report Cycle (AR6). The reports making up the AR6 provide the most comprehensive overview of the current state of climate change, its impacts and the adaptation and mitigation options that are ...

2022 | May

Screen opportunities using the latest North Sea seepage data results, which comprise more than 5,000 interpreted satellite-borne radar scenes to provide unrivalled insight into the nature and locations of hydrocarbon seepage across the entire North Sea.

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