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Technical Abstract
EAGE workshop/forum/local conference | Rajat Rathore, Chee Hau Hoo © 2015 EAGE | April

In this paper, we described some of the key challenges faced and their solutions during the reservoir characterization study. Shear log prediction can be done quickly by methods, such as multi linear regression and also by building a robust petro-elastic model, if pore geometry ...

Technical Abstract
Workshop/forum/seminar (other) | Jahan Zeb, Reece Murrell © 2015 | April

Seismic Reservoir Characterization is a well-known technique to obtain a better understanding of hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs by careful analysis and integration of petrophysical and seismic data. The petrophysical properties are normally obtained through the evaluation of well logs and core data. A rock physics model ...

Industry Article
First Break | Scott Brindle, David O'connor, Richard Windmill, Peter Wellsbury, Guy Oliver, Graham Spence, Chi Vinh Ly © 2015 EAGE | February

In this paper, we present a UK case study and draw on lessons learnt from the American market by using mineralogical and textural data obtained by AM and measured TOC to constrain and improve the accuracy of petrophysical modelling. We characterize a UK unconventional ...

Industry Article
Geophysics | Yu Zhang, Lian Duan, Yi Xie © 2015 SEG | January

By adapting reverse time migration (RTM) and demigration as the migration and modeling operators to maximize the crosscorrelation between the simulated and the acquired seismic data, we introduced a new practical least-squares RTM (LSRTM) scheme and derived a steepest descent method in seeking the ...

Industry Article
First Break | Xiang Wu, Barry Hung © 2015 EAGE | January

In this paper, we propose an adaptive implementation scheme for first separating multiples from primary events by a given multiple model in seismic data and subsequently removing the multiples from noisy seismic data using the curvelet transform. Due to the sparseness of seismic data ...

Industry Article
Oilfield Technology | Peter Baillie | January

The Banda Arc is of great interest to petroleum explorers because of abundant onshore and offshore oil and gas seeps and similarities with geologically contiguous Mesozoic and Cenozoic successions in Australia where numerous petroleum systems exist and have been exploited (the Mesozoic basins are ...

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