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Environmental Scientist | David Viner ©2022 Institution of Environmental Sciences | March

‘Risk: The potential for adverse consequences for human or ecological systems, recognising the diversity of values and objectives associated with such systems.’ This widely used definition both clarifies and clouds how environmental scientists can discern and address risk. While it provides a broad basis ...

Industry Article
The Leading Edge | Zhigang Zhang, Zedong Wu, Zhiyuan Wei, Jiawei Mei, Rongxin Huang, Ping Wang ©2023 SEG | March

Full-waveform inversion (FWI) has become the centerpiece of velocity model building (VMB) in seismic processing in recent years. It has proven to significantly improve the velocity model, and thus the migration image, for different acquisition types and different geologic settings, including very complex environments ...

Industry Article
The Leading Edge | Zhiyuan Wei, Jiawei Mei, Zedong Wu, Zhigang Zhang, Rongxin Huang, Ping Wang ©2023 SEG | January

Although the resolution of a seismic image is ultimately bound by the spatial and temporal sampling of the acquired seismic data, the seismic images obtained through conventional imaging methods normally fall far short of this limit. Conventional seismic imaging methods take a piecemeal approach ...

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The Leading Edge | Isabel Espin, Nicolas Salaun, Hao Jiang, Mathieu Reinier ©2023 SEG | January

The development of time-lag FWI (TLFWI) in recent years has enabled the use of the full wavefield (primary reflection, multiple, ghost, and diving waves) in inversion. With this advance it is now possible to include ever more detail in the velocity model, ultimately reaching ...

Industry Article
Energy Global | Ellie Macinnes ©2022 Palladian Publications Ltd | January

Companies that have worked in the oil and gas industry for many decades have built up a valuable and detailed understanding of the Earth and its subsurface. One such company is CGG, a global geoscience technology and HPC leader that has been collecting and ...

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GeoExpro | Jarrad Grahame ©2022 Geonova AS | December

CGG has undertaken a multi-phase, multi-year data enhancement and acquisition project, commencing with a major basin-scale reprocessing initiative (ReGeneration) and culminating in the completion of a new 3D acquisition and imaging project, completed in 2021. The new survey has provided expanded data coverage from ...

Industry Article
GeoExpro | Madhurima Bhattacharya, Harrison Moore ©2022 Geonova AS | December

Seismic imaging in the Kwanza Basin has historically proven to be challenging owing to its complex geology and the presence of deep pre-salt targets. CGG has recently re-imaged its Kwanza Basin multi-client data portfolio to benefit from new insights made possible by advanced proprietary ...

Industry Article
The Leading Edge | Ekaterina Kneller, Manuel Peiro, Ulisses Correia (CGG) ; Jose Manuel Única Pacheco, Pablo Villa Bayón (Repsol) ©2022 SEG | December

A continuing concern regarding presalt carbonate reservoirs offshore Brazil is how to derive accurate quantitative estimates of reservoir properties. It is challenging to understand the link between the facies model and the variation in elastic properties, recover a reliable model of elastic properties from ...

Industry Article
First Break | Gordon Poole, Milad Farshad, Zhaoyu Jin, Brandon Li ©2022 EAGE | December

Short-period multiple attenuation is often challenging as the multiple generators are typically not sufficiently well recorded as primary events for SRME to be successful. Model-based approaches have traditionally been used to circumvent this problem but may only model multiples generated by key events such ...

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