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Technical Abstract

Assessing FWI Imaging’s potential to tackle illumination issues and internal multiples in the Brazilian pre-salt

SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Cyril Dolymnyj, Filipe Rudrigues, Amanda Porto, Leandro Galves, Asdrubal Ovalles ©2022 SEG

Most seismic surveys carried out in offshore Brazil consist of narrow-azimuth towed-streamer (NATS) acquisitions. In areas such as the South Atlantic offshore basins, the geological complexity results in illumination issues for NATS acquisitions, especially in the deep pre-salt section. Both Full-Waveform Inversion Imaging (FWI ...

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Technical Abstract

Revisiting the Brazilian Equatorial Margin with FWI and its impact on interpretation in an exploratory frontier

SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Diego Costa, Edmarley Ramos, Giuseppe Loconte, Filipe Rudrigues, Olivier Brachet ©2022 SEG

Recent technology advancements have enabled us to revisit the Foz do Amazonas (2014) and Barreirinhas (2016) narrow-azimuth towed-streamer (NATS) seismic surveys and tackle specific imaging challenges in a way that the legacy processing could not. In an exploratory frontier such as the Brazilian Equatorial ...

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Technical Abstract

High-resolution seismic imaging of shallow karstified carbonate overburden offshore Indonesia

SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Xiaobo Li, Yonghe Guo, Yi Xie, Barry Hung (CGG) ; Xiaobo Li, Yonghe Guo, Yi Xie, Barry Hung (BP) ©2022 SEG

Heavily faulted and karstified carbonate overburden poses potential geohazards for well drilling in West Papua, offshore Indonesia. Hence, high-resolution seismic images that capture geological details, such as karstified faults and small-scale caves within the carbonate, are highly desirable. In this study, two aspects play ...

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Technical Abstract

Elastic FWI application to a land data set in the Middle East

SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Anna Sedova, Olivier Leblanc, Thibaut ALLEMAND, Gilles Lambare, Stephane Pellerin, Daniela Donno ©2022 SEG

Seismic imaging is particularly challenging in the Middle East. The shallow geology is often characterized by strong velocity contrasts from layered sands and carbonates that create multiples and mode conversions. Capturing these velocity variations is essential for accurate imaging. While re-cent developments in full-waveform ...

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IMAGE 2022 Program

Learn about CGG's latest advances in industry leading geoscience, data science and Earth data that help efficiently and responsibly solve complex digital, energy transition and natural resource challenges.

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Industry Article

Maximising land use and minimising its impact

GeoConnexion | David Viner, Alasdair Smith, David Gold ©2022 GeoConnexion

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just concluded its Sixth Assessment Report Cycle (AR6). The reports making up the AR6 provide the most comprehensive overview of the current state of climate change, its impacts and the adaptation and mitigation options that are ...

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North Sea Seep Data


Screen opportunities using the latest North Sea seepage data results, which comprise more than 5,000 interpreted satellite-borne radar scenes to provide unrivalled insight into the nature and locations of hydrocarbon seepage across the entire North Sea.

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