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High-resolution 3D seismic imaging and refined velocity model building improve the image of a deep geothermal reservoir in the Upper Rhine Graben

The Leading Edge | Nicolas Salaun, Helene Toubiana, Jean-Baptiste Mitschler, Guillaume Gigou, Xavier Carriere, Vincent Maurer, and Alexandre Richard © 2020 SEG

Over the past 35 years, geothermal projects have been developed in the Upper Rhine Graben (URG) to exploit deep geothermal energy. Underneath approximately 2 km of sedimentary deposits, the deep target consists of a granitic basement, which is highly fractured and hydrothermally altered. Therefore ...

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Case Study

Revealing Mesozoic Potential With Improved Deep Imaging

A key challenge to unlocking the potential of Jurassic and Triassic reservoirs in the Central North Sea is the presence of artefacts and noise in seismic images. The presence of random noise, water-bottom and inter-bed multiples prevents accurate sub-BCU mapping and differentiation of the ...

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