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First Break. | Adnan Khalid, Pablo Cifuentes, Pedro Martinez Duran, Philippa Park, Arthur Satterley, Stefan Calvert, Carolina Coll ©2022 EAGE | September

The importance of detailed reservoir characterization and modelling for accurate reservoir performance prediction has always been recognized, but generally it is necessary to upscale reservoir properties derived from seismic data to create models that can be run in a reasonable timeframe and are a ...

Industry Article
Geo Expro | Steven Bowman, Ramez Refaat (CGG); Per Helge Semb (MagSeis Fairfield) ©2022 GeoPublishing Ltd | September

The Cornerstone OBN survey has unquestionably brought a step-change in image quality compared to towed-streamer acquisition, especially for deeper, sub-BCU reservoirs and around salt diapirs where reservoir units are often heavily faulted and steeply-dipping. It will allow for the effective development and monitoring of ...

Technical Abstract
SEG workshop/forum/local conference | Zedong Wu, Zhiyuan Wei, Zhigang Zhang, Jiawei Mei, Rongxin Huang, Ping Wang ©2022 SEG | August

Recent advances in full-waveform inversion (FWI) algorithms have allowed it to work stably and effectively in different geological settings, especially in areas with geobodies of large impedance contrasts such as salt, despite its presently taken acoustic assumption. This has resulted in a leap in ...

Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Vivek Vandrasi, Zhihua Su, Shouting Huang, Yogesh Agnihotri, Sabaresan Mothi ©2022 SEG | August

Full-waveform inversion (FWI) has become the norm in velocity model building for different surveys from land to marine, and from streamers to ocean bottom nodes. FWI using wide-azimuth (WAZ) streamer data in areas with complex geologic settings can fall short of resolving the complexity ...

Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Cyril Dolymnyj, Filipe Rudrigues, Amanda Porto, Leandro Galves, Asdrubal Ovalles ©2022 SEG | August

Most seismic surveys carried out in offshore Brazil consist of narrow-azimuth towed-streamer (NATS) acquisitions. In areas such as the South Atlantic offshore basins, the geological complexity results in illumination issues for NATS acquisitions, especially in the deep pre-salt section. Both Full-Waveform Inversion Imaging (FWI ...

Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Diego Costa, Edmarley Ramos, Giuseppe Loconte, Filipe Rudrigues, Olivier Brachet ©2022 SEG | August

Recent technology advancements have enabled us to revisit the Foz do Amazonas (2014) and Barreirinhas (2016) narrow-azimuth towed-streamer (NATS) seismic surveys and tackle specific imaging challenges in a way that the legacy processing could not. In an exploratory frontier such as the Brazilian Equatorial ...

Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Dorothy Ren, Xin He, Siyun Xu, Fei Gao, Feng Lin, Jiawei Mei ©2022 SEG | August

Monument field is located in the northwest part of Walker Ridge in the Gulf of Mexico, with a Paleogene sandstone reservoir ?9 km below sea surface. The complicated overburden of low reflectivity shale bodies and complex salt geometries with steep salt flanks, multi-level weld ...

Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Gordon Poole, Brandon Li, Mattia Miorali, Keith Mills, John Tickle ©2022 SEG | August

Free-surface multiple prediction of land data is challenging due to the unknown downward reflecting free-surface combined with poorly sampled recording of the shallow multiple generators. We use a wave-equation deconvolution approach to derive an image of the shallow multiple generators using the multiple periodicity ...

Technical Abstract
SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists | Xiaobo Li, Yonghe Guo, Yi Xie, Barry Hung (CGG) ; Xiaobo Li, Yonghe Guo, Yi Xie, Barry Hung (BP) ©2022 SEG | August

Heavily faulted and karstified carbonate overburden poses potential geohazards for well drilling in West Papua, offshore Indonesia. Hence, high-resolution seismic images that capture geological details, such as karstified faults and small-scale caves within the carbonate, are highly desirable. In this study, two aspects play ...

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