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HPC Perspectives

Explore upcoming and past HPC Perspectives episodes with our HPC Cloud Solutions experts.

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Ep 5: AI Insights and Innovations on HPC

Join Xavier Vigouroux, Senior Business Development Manager AI and Start-Up, and host Sharon Howe, as they discuss productionizing AI and how optimizing the full stack brings business value.

Ep 4: Outcome-as-a-Service (results-based AI and HPC Cloud solutions)

In this episode, Jean-Marc Denis (VP of Sales, HPC & Cloud Solutions) joins Sharon to discuss the advantages of scalable AI and HPC Cloud solutions with pricing based on results rather than usage.

Ep 3: The scope of HPC optimization in CGG

In this episode Sharon is joined by Anil Vattalai, VP platform development,  and Florent Pautre, computational scientist, to explore CGG’s HPC innovation & optimization ecosystem.

Ep 2: How to industrialize technology when everything is constantly changing

Explore the journey of technology as Laurent Clerc, CTO HPC and Cloud Solutions, delves into the past, spotlights the present and gives us a glimpse into the future.

Ep 1: Interested in the future of industrial HPC?

Watch the first of our live HPC events. We get to know Agnes Boudot, CGG’s EVP HPC, and discuss the keys to success behind CGG’s pioneering HPC and massive data usage, as well as what to look out for in the future.

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At SC23: Agnès Boudot on CGG's expanded HPC-AI mission

Agnès Boudot (EVP HPC & Cloud Solutions) talks with insideHPC about CGG's global mission to provide AI & HPC Cloud services across multiple industries. Pioneering the advance of HPC for over 70 years, CGG has continued this tradition with large HPC installations around the world involving complex, end-to-end optimizations, including in Houston, France, the UK and Asia-Pacific.

At SC23: CGG Talks its New ‘Outcome-as-a-Service’ (OaaS) for HPC and AI

In this interview with insideHPC, Jean-Marc Denis (Vice President of Sales, HPC and Cloud Solutions), and Xavier Vigouroux, (Senior Business Development Manager, AI and Start-Ups), explain how OaaS enables users to transition their HPC and AI workloads to a production-based model aligned with business objectives, avoiding significant CAPEX and unpredictable usage-based billing.

Choosing the Best HPC & Cloud Solution for Your Business

When selecting HPC and Cloud to meet specific business needs, the most glamorous option may not provide all the answers you seek. In this SPE Tech Talk, CGG’s Laurent Clerc, CTO for HPC and Cloud Solutions, explains the advantages of choosing an appropriate, scalable, and industrial solution for the unique and complex challenges of the energy industry.

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