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OSDU™ Data Platform

At CGG Data Hub, we understand storing, organizing, integrating and interrogating subsurface data is a significant and growing challenge for energy companies. Our team is dedicated to addressing these utilizing data transformation workflows; driven by subject-matter experts, powered by technology and fully committed to the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU).

As active participants in the OSDU Open Source forum, we collaborate with industry experts and technology companies to break down data silos and accelerate data access and use. With over 90 years of subsurface knowledge, we have developed a robust data model that encompasses the granularity of all subsurface disciplines, which we contribute fully to the OSDU.

Data Hub automates data curation processes and incorporates OSDU features, while providing an OSDU-compliant API on top of our database to ensure streamlined access and compatibility.

Our technology pipeline leverages cutting-edge machine learning, AI and database technologies, which speed up OSDU adoption and enable companies to unlock valuable insights and drive innovation.

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