Data Management

Data Management

Our Smart Data Solutions meet all of your data management needs. We deliver the latest E&P digitalization solutions, in addition to physical record and sample management and storage services at locations worldwide. Our rapidly expanding range of offerings support our active projects and investments to address the digital transformation programs of the global oil and gas industry.

CGG Supports E&P Digitalization
with Smart Data Solutions

We are transforming data management from a support function to a value generator, providing new business insights and enabling effective data-driven strategies. As an early adopter of emerging digital technologies, such as machine learning and public cloud services, we rise to the challenges of data availability and integration into analytics-ready formats. Advanced data technologies combined with the expertise of our data scientists ensure data integrity, efficient workflows and effective solutions for both corporate and national data repositories.

We now offer E&P data upcycling solutions, such as support for legacy structured and unstructured E&P information, expert ETL of large data volumes into next-generation management platforms, increasingly automated conversion, classification, QC and standardization services, with the advanced technology, visualization, governance and security protocols required to meet the industry‚Äôs data management requirements well into the future.

Data Management (new) - Digital Technology

Digital Technology

Our range of digital technologies is aimed at supporting data managers, whatever the size and scope of the requirement.

Data Management (new) - Data Upcycling

Data Upcycling

Upcycling refers to enhancing the value of data by changing its format, structure or accessibility.

Data Management (new) - Record and Sample Management

Record and Sample Management

We bring together experienced people, mature processes and leading technology to offer complete storage solutions.