Data Management

Data Management

High-quality data forms the basis of all E&P planning and investment decisions. It is expensive to acquire and the growing mountain of data from different sources, and in different formats, makes it more and more challenging to interpret and extract the full value. Data Governance policies exist to manage the data and make sure it is available at the point of need, but companies often lack the resources and time to implement these policies.

CGG offers the answer to this E&P data challenge, with a complete solution from one partner, reducing the complexity of the supply chain, minimizing the internal project management, providing consistency and quality, and therefore reducing costs.

  • CGG brings People, Process and Technology together in complete solutions to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Technology solutions designed to manage E&P data, services to support all aspects of managing physical and digital data.
  • Formation Description Logs and well databases to enable the use of legacy data in reservoir characterization and modeling, and consultancy and training to support best practice within E&P data management.
  • Services and solutions from a global team of E&P experts, experienced in working with oil and gas companies and governments.
  • Reducing the complexity of the supply chain, minimizing the internal project management, providing consistency, quality and therefore reducing costs.
  • CGG is the complete Data Management partner, working with our clients to make their data available at the point of need, in the format required and to the best possible quality.
  • Offering the complete range of services, technology and consultancy aimed at maximizing the value of new and legacy data.

All this from a company known for its expertise, quality and innovation in the E&P industry for over 80 years!"

Big Data and Analytics

As the complexity and volumes of data grow, there is an urgent need to develop new solutions in support of the E&P process. CGG is at the forefront of the Big Data & Analytics revolution, having already completed pilot projects exploring the potential of the new technologies.

Not only will this help sort through the mass of data, structured and unstructured, but it will add valuable insights that further enhance E&P planning and investment decisions.

Data Management - Schulenburg


The center of core storage for CGG, currently under further development with the building of a new laboratory and the 23rd warehouse on the site.

Data Management - Managed Cloud Storage

Managed Cloud Storage

The significant opportunity the cloud offers enable us to offer services to clients previously not possible.

Data Management - National Data Repositories

National Data Repositories

Comprehensive NDR solutions for commercial entities and national governments. Transform your data into knowledge.



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