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Geological Databases & Digitalization

Liberate and integrate geoscience data for deeper understanding

To get the greatest value from geoscience databases, they need to be accessible, integrated and analytics-ready. CGG has vast experience in data transcription, extraction, transformation and loading for seismic, well and geological data, and investing in technology and skills to do digital transformation the right way. The result: a robust data pipeline, powered by our domain expertise and machine learning, that uses a unique and expanding taxonomy and ontology as a rigorous framework.

Our Geoscience Data Hub experts can help you liberate and integrate your own geologic data to create new value from it. This proven proprietary structure was instrumental in creating the GeoVerse™ and GeoWells databases to allow clients to access analytics-ready multi-client data easily incorporated within any software or platform.

Geoscience data digitalization

More Geology & Engineering Services

Reservoir Characterization

Understand your reservoir with our geoscience consultations; integrating diverse expertise from sedimentology to geophysics and modeling.

Well Optimization

Access our well engineering and drilling consulting solutions, backed by years of expertise in stratigraphy and geomechanics.

Field Development Studies

Understand your field’s subsurface dynamics using our fully integrated field-development consultancy services.

Reserves Certification

Strategically evaluate and certify reserves with help from experts with deep G&G knowledge and E&P engineering and economics expertise.

Petroleum Geomechanics

Meet reservoir and production challenges with our broad mechanical modeling and analysis expertise.

Lead & Prospect Portfolio Development

Identify, de-risk and rank prospects and leads with play-based exploration solutions and basin and play-level evaluations.

Data & Digitalization

Efficiently answer natural resource challenges with our expert digitalization services and extract information from geologic data sources.

Laboratory Services

Comprehensive geoscience laboratory services including geochemistry, stratigraphy, thin section, automated mineralogy and wellsite.

Petroleum Systems Analysis

Get petroleum geology expertise and solutions for challenges in all elements of the petroleum system: reservoir, source, seal and trap.

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