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Digital Data Transformation

Maximize the value of data with Data Hub digitalization services

Diverse team of experts​. Scalable for all challenges​. 50+ years of subsurface and data transformation expertise. 

Years of experience organizing our own massive data stores has prepared us for your challenges. We use our world-class technology and proven taxonomy to classify and extract your data, QC the results, and hand all of it back to you, easily searchable and analytics ready. 

Data integration pipeline . Cutting-edge machine learning​. Automation of QC, conversions and calculations. 

Our R&D pipeline contains CGG proprietary and latest generation open-source machine learning, data transformation and ETL/database technologies to classify, extract, clean and integrate data. What’s that mean? Speed and consistency, for one thing. 

Unrivaled subsurface taxonomy​. Over 700 distinct data types​. Industry-leading subsurface data models.

Our industry-leading data model spans 300 data types and 250,000 entities of subsurface terminology to label, train, transform and clean output data. With DataHub services every detail can be easily found--so the only interruption in your workflow will be for coffee. 

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