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West of Shetland

Innovative imaging solutions for exploration and field development

Rely on 23 years of CGG experience and knowledge in providing best-in-class imaging of the complex West of Shetlands region. The most recent survey in 2019 was acquired using an innovative rich azimuth (RAz) geometry, with the objective to address the complex fractured Devono-Carboniferous reservoirs by undershooting the volcanic sills.

Multi-client seismic surveys – West of Shetland

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Identify reservoir attributes with highly detailed broadband subsurface images that enable enhanced deep penetration.


Obtain exceptional images of Triassic and Jurassic fault blocks with our significant multi-client footprint in the Porcupine Basin.

Cornerstone 32nd Round

Get comprehensive seismic data coverage for the OGA 32nd License Round, including 50,000 km2 of PSDM data.

Explore available multi-client data using our interactive map.

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