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Technical Abstract

Integrated Reservoir Characterisation of a Permian Rotliegend Prospect

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This study aimed to provide greater insight into the question of whether a near-field Paleozoic interval could retain sufficient reservoir quality to be attractive for future exploration. To meet this challenge, an integrated multidisciplinary approach was adopted that brought together detailed geological analysis with seismic inversion. Both of which were complimented by synchronized concurrent seismic reprocessing. The project workflow began with a stratigraphic review before investigating the detailed sedimentology and diagenesis for reservoir characterisation, with the latter incorporating burial history modelling to constrain the role of compaction. The results of seismic attribute analysis and seismic inversion performed during data reprocessing were then integrated with the geological story to generate a truly holistic reservoir quality evaluation.
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Grant Cole, Robert Gater, Malcolm Kent, Jim Fenton, Natalia Wasielka, Vitor Serrano Alves, Carolina Olivares, Sean Humphreys (CGG) ; Stian Lindstrøm (OMV (Norge) AS) ; Alenka Crne, Sarah Robertson (Chrysaor Norge AS)




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