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Reduce risk for offshore subsalt prospects with improved seismic image quality, clarity and detail

StagSeis™ seismic technology from CGG addresses the most challenging areas where conventional wide azimuth acquisition fails to illuminate targets below complex salt. It includes a patented acquisition design (staggered vessel configuration) with very long offsets (up to 18 kilometers) and full azimuth coverage (up to nine kilometers) for improved illumination.

Multi-client seismic data – WAz v. StagSeis

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Identify reservoir attributes with highly detailed broadband subsurface images that enable enhanced deep penetration.

StagSeis Gulf of Mexico

Get outstanding imaging of the subsalt with our Gulf of Mexico StagSeis surveys: IBALT, Deux and Trois.


Obtain high-resolution, shallow-to-intermediate-depth images from innovative source-over-streamer broadband seismic imaging.

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