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Central North Sea Cornerstone

Seismic coverage for North Sea prospects

CGG offers the most recent and most advanced seismic coverage of the Central North Sea (CNS) to help you improve understanding of existing assets, better evaluate new exploration targets, identify near-field exploration opportunities and aid reservoir development. With decades of sustained investment in this core area, our coverage includes over 50,000 km2 of broadband 3D streamer data, 12,000 km2 of dual-azimuth (DAZ) data and over 1,650 km2 of high-density OBN data acquired in 2020.

With a strategy of continued investment in leading-edge seismic acquisition and imaging technology, you can rely on us to provide data that gives you a competitive edge in the CNS.

Cornerstone Evolution

  • Over 50,000 km2 of high-quality, long-offset streamer, fully merged PSDM data 
  • Application of CGG’s latest proprietary technologies, including 3D source-receiver deghosting, wave equation demultiple, pre-migration interbed demultiple, Q-Tomography, Q-FWI, TL-FWI,  and multi-pass Q-RTM based salt scenario estimation for multi-layer tomography
  • Final PSDM image using Least-Squares Q-Kirchhoff, One-Way Wave Equation and Wave Equation Kirchhoff migrations
  • Rigorous DAZ model building based on decades of experience in the area and using extensive well control
  • Seamlessly merged natively broadband and bandwidth-extended conventional data
  • DAZ data set for enhanced illumination, approximately 12,000 km2 over the high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) area
CNS Cornerstone map

Integrated Products & Technology


Identify reservoir attributes with highly detailed broadband subsurface images that enable enhanced deep penetration.

North Viking Graben

Mitigate near-field exploration and development risk in the Northern North Sea with new dual-azimuth data.

Ocean Bottom Node Seismic

Gain more subsurface insight through expert processing and imaging of ocean bottom node (OBN) seismic data.

Explore available multi-client data using our interactive map.

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