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APPEX 2021

Mar 01 - Mar 04, 2021 11:00 am
Online (GMT) , Online

Category: Tradeshow

Meet our global team of multi-client experts!

We offer the best high-end seismic data and integrated JumpStart™ geoscience packages in the most prolific basins around the world. In addition, we offer GeoSpec value-added legacy seismic data, well data, the world’s largest commercial library of potential fields data and a global GeoVerse™ database of analytics-ready geoscience data.

In North West Europe we have new dual-azimuth datasets in the UKCS and Norwegian North Sea, a rich-azimuth streamer dataset West of Shetland, and the largest OBN dataset in the CNS to support the 32nd Round. In Africa we have recent high-quality broadband datasets offshore Mozambique, Angola, Cote d’Ivoire and Gabon. For the 2020 Australian Acreage Release round we are providing state-of-the-art reprocessed data on the North West Shelf and newly acquired data from our Gippsland basin survey.

We leverage our industry-leading Subsurface Imaging technologies, such as time-lag FWI and least-squares imaging to provide the best quality images for near-field exploration and reservoir development.

Our Technical Papers

The Gippsland Basin, SE Victoria
Jarrad Grahame
Session 5
10:20 (GMT) Wednesday, 3rd March, 2021

The Gippsland Basin covers over 46,000 km2 onshore and offshore south eastern Victoria. It is Australia’s primary oil producing basin, however production is in decline. The main source rocks are primarily coal beds which have reached thermal maturity and charged accumulations in shallow marine reserviors. The deep water areas are largely unexplored and there is potential for deep turbidite sediment deposition as indicated on seismic where channels confirm large volumes of material would have been transported to deep-water. In 2020, CGG acquired a new basin-scale 3D dataset covering the central basin area and extending beyond the shelf break to deep-water areas. New interpretation of the Fast-Track data has revealed new insights into the prospectivity of deep-water areas, in particular highlighting the presence of large-scale sediment transport systems.

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For more information on any multi-client topic, please contact Jarrad Grahame, Keith Driver or Gregor Duval who will be attending APPEX.

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