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Unleashing the power of digital biostratigraphy: Expert, unbiased, scalable

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Sep 20 - Sep 20, 2023
On-demand viewing available , Online

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Data Hub Deep Dives (On-Demand)

Join CGG Data Hub for a comprehensive walkthrough of our digitalized AutoStrat workflow. In this deep dive, we’ll focus on the extraction, cleaning, interpretation and curation of biostratigraphic legacy well data using advanced data engineering and science approaches. The result: transformed and unlocked decision-ready datasets. 

What to expect: 

  • Explore data engineering techniques used to extract species name, depth information and specimen counts from biostratigraphic charts 
  • Discover how we ensure data quality through OSDU-compatible data capture, machine learning algorithms for outlier detection, and long-term storage of enriched, curated data in graph databases

Attendees will benefit from: 

  • Realizing the advantages of automation for interpreting large volumes of biostratigraphic data quickly 
  • Unbiasing data to improve data-driven decision-making
  • Converting time traditionally spent wrangling data into available time for advanced interpretation and analytics


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