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Geothermal Solutions

Evaluate prospects with comprehensive geothermal services

CGG's Geothermal Science experts bring worldwide, multi-disciplinary geoscience data, technology and expertise to understand and de-risk geothermal prospects, from exploration to production. With over 150 targeted projects and 2 global resource assessments since 2011, we provide valuable intelligence in global data and analytics, resource assessment, reservoir characterization, production and monitoring.


Reduce Risk Across Geothermal Exploration, Development and Production

In already-explored hydrocarbon basins or in locations where demand for alternative energy is high, our geothermal services help you characterize the subsurface and monitor operations for optimal production and reduced risk.

    Geothermal Webinar Series

    We have a range of technical webinars on how CGG supports the geothermal industry with innovative and bespoke solutions. If you would like to view the webinar series, get in touch with us.

    Turning up the heat: Global geoscience expertise for the geothermal industry

    In addition to widely-exploited volcanic-hosted geothermal resources, there is global untapped potential in hot sedimentary basins for which oil and gas geoscience expertise is immediately relevant. CGG has experience applying geoscience expertise and data science to geothermal projects from around the world, and we look at how this could be applied more widely.

    The use of satellite InSAR to monitor surface deformation across geothermal fields to track fluid dynamics and evolving hazards

    Fluid circulation between the recharge zone and areas of production can induce pressure variations in the subsurface and associated ground movements. Learn how InSAR can be used to monitor surface deformation and gain insight into subsurface fluid dynamics and evolving hazards.

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